Energy Management

History of the Restructured Energy Markets

In the restructured energy market the different responsibilities of the utility company are “unbundled” and the power industry is separated, typically into four divisions: energy services, transmission, distribution and generation.

The transmission and distribution sectors however, remain subject to regulation – either by the federal state or local governments.

The “unbundling” of generation however, created a new dynamic where utilities are no longer the sole producers of electricity and pricing is no longer determined by government regulators. In this new, unbundled and restructured energy industry price is now determined by the free market principles of supply and demand.

These markets created competition – giving customers, both residential and commercial, the ability to choose a lower cost energy supplier and manage their energy costs.


Integrated Building Management, Inc. has exclusive partnerships with energy brokers specializing in advising corporate clients on restructured commercial energy solutions.

We provide professional evaluation of an organization’s energy bill to gather information regarding rate structure and power usage.

Using this information, we research the restructured energy market to determine if a more favorable option is available to an organization. We advise our clients to only switch or choose an energy supply company (ESCO) if our analysis yields a cost savings of at least 10%.

Energy Control Systems and LED Lighting

We also offer extensive services in energy control systems and LED lighting. For free audits and to learn more about these services, please contact us